Herbesan gums A La Propolis taste honey 45 gums

Gum for throat, association of tasty honey and Propolis

Manufacturer: Herbesan

SKU: 4679796 Herbesan gums A La Propolis taste honey 45 erasers


Propolis erasers are a combination of Propolis and tasty honey. Propolis is a substance collected by bees and spreading on the walls of the hive, it gives to the hive a natural barrier to external aggressions.

operating tips:

take 6 to 8 gums daily.


it is recommended to respect does recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of young children. Not recommended for people allergic to products of the hive.


gelling agent: gum of Acacia - sugar - glucose syrup - honey (406, 4mg *) - sugar syrup - extract from Propolis (56mg * propolis)-aroma natural Eucalyptus - coating Agent: carnauba wax.

* average amount for 8 gums


45 g.