Herbesan Ginseng energy 20 ampoules of 15ml

Complement food made from ginseng, 5 plants and products of the hive.

Manufacturer: Herbesan

SKU: 4679721 Herbesan Ginseng energy 20 ampoules of 15 ml


This HERBESAN complex is a unique combination of plants: Ginseng, Guarana and Mate, bee products: Propolis, Pollen and honey, Sea buckthorn and Hibiscus concentrate.

  • the Ginseng panax, traditionally used in China for more than 5000 years, is a root which helps preserve physical and mental vitality. Considered a fabulous ingredient, he once entered the composition of Imperial elixirs.

  • the Guarana, a native of America, is a plant that helps to promote intellectual alertness and energy.

  • Mate green, traditionally used in infusions in South America where it originated, is a herb that helps to preserve the tone and energy.

  • the propolis is a substance collected by bees and spread out on the walls of the hive. Propolis gives a natural barrier to external attacks to the hive

operating tips:

take 1 ampoule per day, preferably morning, pure or diluted in half a glass of water.

Renewable program several times in the year.

Shake before use.


Not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women and individuals allergic to products of the hive.

It is recommended to observe the doses recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of young children.


Aqueous extract of green Mate (200 mg), honey of acacia (2250 mg), fluid extract of Ginseng (558 mg whose ginsenosides 10 mg), concentrated juice Sea buckthorn (602 mg), fluid extract of Propolis (150 mgsoit 21 mg raw propolis), Pollen (75 mg), Guarana extract (210 mg caffeine 5 mg), natural orange extract of Hibiscus (50 mg) flavour.