Herbesan Bio Infusion fat burning flavor pineapple 20 sachets

This infusion Herbesan combines different plants for fat burning action.

Manufacturer: Herbesan

SKU: 2059865 Herbesan Bio Infusion fat burning flavor pineapple


for over forty years, Herbesan, develops dietary supplements, at the height of their know-how in the field of welfare.

Infusion Bio-fat burning, is a beverage flavoured with pineapple, which contributes to fat burning, through an active vegetable association.

Herbesan composition organic fat burning:

the Infusion Bio of Herbesan contains:

Green mate

similar to caffeine, it allows to increase the energy metabolism of the body, thus promoting the localized fat burning. But its relaxing properties, also help balance your emotions, thus decreasing the risk of nibbling, during moments of stress and brings a feeling of lasting satiety.

Du Th Vert

the active principles contained in green tea, promote fat burning, but also act on the stimulation of the capacity of the Organization to eliminate. In addition, it contains antioxidant agents which preserve the premature aging of the body.

Of Guarana

this plant significantly decreased appetite, promoting weight loss when dieting. But in association with other plants, its high caffeine content, optimizes the burning of fat.

Of the pineapple

Bromelain contained in pineapple is a highly specific enzyme, which allows to fight against cellulite, fluid retention and overweight, more exotic and fruity flavour aromatic infusion.