Herbesan Bio Infusion Circulation taste raspberry blackcurrant 20 sachets

BREW movement of Herbesan combines 5 plants that facilitate blood circulation and reduces the sensation of heavy legs.
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Herbesan Bio Infusion Circulation taste black currant/raspberry


infusion flow of laboratories Herbesan facilitates the circulation and stimulates the elimination in order to preserve the lightness and comfort of your legs. it is especially indicated for people with the feeling of heavy legs.

Herbesan composition organic traffic:

infusion contains:


is a natural diuretic indicated in urinary disorders and heavy legs.

Of the Hibiscus

it stimulates and promotes the elimination of water and waste.

Brown of India

rich in flavonoids, strengthens and increases the resistance of the capillaries, in order to reduce the feeling of heavy legs and oedema.

Red vine

this plant, strongly with agent in active principles, decreases the size of capillaries, to relieve disorders and inadequate venous, especially effective on heavy and painful legs.

aromas of Red Fruits

they bring a mild fruity and tangy fragrance infusion.


you can consume about three cups of infusion per day. pour simmering on the bag water and let steep for about four minutes.