Herbal tea Provenale Phi Bio Infusion green tea 20 bags

SKU: 4361077 herbal tea Provenale Phi Bio tea Green 20 sachets


Herbal tea Provenale laboratories develop infusions with plants they grow without synthetic or radiating chemicals.

This green tea infusion is recognized by scientists for its therapeutic properties. Indeed, it allows to fight against fatigue but also helps weight perder fighting obesity.

Of most its action hypoglycemic helps fight diabetes.

Finally, it protects and helps the immune system to be more resistant especially in winter when cold.


Plants grown without chemicals or irradiating.

operating tips

simple infusion

Pour boiling water into a Cup.

Add a sachet and let infuse for 5-10 minutes.


Boil 2 cups of water and add a bag.

Boil uncovered for 20 minutes before moving and consume.


Per 100 g

Green tea (leaf) bio: 100%