Herbal tea Provenale Phi Bio balm 20 sachets

A fragrant balm bio infusion
Manufacturer: Tisane Provencale


SKU 2122061 tea Provenale Phi Bio balm 20 bags


PhiBio Melissa off. (Off Melissa. L.) certified AB by Ecocert sas. Melissa, in PhiBio Melissa off., comes from organic and meets the Bio specifications. PhiBio Melissa off. will facilitate the digestion. PhiBio Melissa off. is calming.

directions for use:

PhiBio Melissa off. dose of plant per Cup is used as an infusion pour simmering water on 1 bag, cover and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Drink one to two cups a day, after meals. PhiBio Melissa off., fragrant, infusion can be eaten hot or cold, depending on the season.


Ingredients (for a bag of 1, 50gr) Melissa, derived from biological culture: 1.50 gr part used: leaf


Carton of 20 sachets doses

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