Herbal tea Provenale Phi Bio anise Green 20 sachets

SKU: 7439288 tea Provenale Phi Bio anise Green 20 bags


Green anise, in PhiBio anise green, is based on organic and meets the Bio specifications. PhiBio Anis Green is the friend of your stomach, it effectively fights against flatulence and bloating, and helps you maintain a flat stomach. PhiBio Anis Green is an excellent stimulant of digestion, it is antispasmodic.

directions for use:

PhiBio anise Green is used in infusion. Pour simmering water over one teabag per Cup, cover and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Drink one to two cups a day, after meals. PhiBio anise Green is a delicious and very fragrant infusion to consume hot preferably.


Ingredients (for a bag of 1, 8g) anise green, from biological culture: 1.80 gr part used: Fruit


Carton of 20 sachets doses