Hei Poa Monoi de Tahiti Mono 1000 flowers 100ml

Mono de Tahiti the monoi 1000 flowers is an oil for the body and hair.
Manufacturer: Hei Poa


SKU 2061773 Hei Poa Mono de Tahiti Mono 1000 flowers 100 ml


Mono 1000 flowers is a precious monoi, resulting from successive maceration of 1000 flowers in a litre of coconut oil. Operation takes place by step, starting with the most fragrant flowers and ending with the less fragrant:

200 Tiare flowers
200 Frangipani blossoms
200 Hibiscus flowers
Kau Pe 100 flowers
100 flowers of Ylang-Ylang,
200 flowers Lotus.

Hei Poa Mono de Tahiti Mono 1000 Flower tips:

Applpiquez on the body and hair with light massages. No preservative at a temperature of 24 degrees Monoi freezes, it is necessary to pass it under warm water to liquefy it, this does affect in no way these nourishing proproetes or her perfume.

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A. Sanam
  the 17/03/2016
5/ 5
Amazing smell leave on hair overnight makes hair soft and shiny