Hegor complex Trichogenique Lotion invigorating fall 125ml

Specific care to curb the fall of hair and stimulate regrowth

Manufacturer: Hegor

SKU: 7575086 Hegor Lotion fortifying anti-hair loss

Properties Hegor Lotion fortifying anti-hair loss:

This treatment is specially formulated to reduce the fall of hair in the woman and the man. Made from the Trichogenique complex, this treatment restores the normal Seborrheic State while facilitating styling, limiting the fall of hair and encouraging hair regrowth.

Tips for using Hegor Lotion Fortifiante anti-hair loss:

Apply the lotion to hair wet line by line and massage. Wait a few moments.

It is advisable to use this shampoo 3 times per week in 3 months cure.

conservation Hegor Lotion fortifying anti-hair loss:

Once opened, this treatment keeps 12 months after opening.

composition Hegor Lotion fortifying anti-hair loss:

Aqua - alcohol denat - panax ginseng - arginine - acetyl tyrosine - arctium majus - hydrolysed soy protein - polyquaternium-11 - dimethicone copopyl - calcium pantothenate - zinc gluconate - niacinamide - ornithine - citrulline - glucosamine HCI - biotin - chlorpheesin - methylparaben.