Health Green Magne Expert 15 sticks

Food supplement to have physical and mental performance.

Manufacturer: Santé Verte

SKU: 2946388 green health Magn Expert 15 Sticks


Magne Expert 15 Sticks of health Verte is a dietary supplement with 4 sources of magnesium to have physical and mental performance. Composed of a complex of natural assets its formula is enriched with Rhodiola, Magnesium (to 4 more absorbable forms) and Quinoa, appreciated for its richness in vitamins of the B group. These assets help to the proper functioning of the nervous system as well as the reduction of stress and fatigue. Each stick brings you the required daily intake in Magnesium.

tips to use:

take 1 stick per day diluted in a glass of water.

From 12 years.


gluten-free and GMO-free.