Health Green Cysti'Plex 7 sticks

Food supplement of tails of cherry. Facilitates the functions of urinary elimination.

Manufacturer: Santé Verte

SKU: 6056349 health green Cysti'Plex


8 10 women are facing to the urinary genes at least once in their lifetime and 25% of them develop others thereafter Cysti'Plex is a complex of 5 assets of natural origin, formulated in response to women who face binding urinary discomfort.

Form Cysti' integrated Plex of critical assets, such as Grapefruit seed extract and the tails of cherries, known to facilitate the functions of urinary elimination.

Cysty operating tips ' plexes:

Take two sticks early signs of discomfort and a sticks per day then the next 5 days.