Hartmann Tensoval Mobil Comfort Air

blood pressure measurement at the wrist
Manufacturer: Hartmann


SKU 4219126

Hartmann Tensoval Mobil Comfort Air


The blood Tensoval mobil comfort air is a blood that is used on the wrist and measure the voltage using the method of measurement oscillometric, practical and comfortable. thanks to these large buttons, it is very simple to handle. In addition, it has a large capacity memory 2 x 60 values.

It has an extra-large screen, a flexible (12.5-21.5 cm) bracelet and the completion of the measurement is indicated by a sound signal.

Blood pressure monitor hartmann offers:

  • Innovative technology of inflation for a measurement smoothly thanks to a pressure suitable for the wrist.
  • An accurate your blood results
  • Easy to use
  • Function 2 x 60 memory and calculating the value average
  • Batteries 2 alkaline manganese, type AAA LR03 - x 1.5V (approximately 1000 measurements)
  • 1 function host
  • A suitable inflation pressure
  • A 3 year warranty


Comes with a protective shell of rigid storage

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