Hartmann Tensoval Comfort Classic blood arm

A tensiometer practical and simple to use with quality Hartmann for the blood arm measurement.
Manufacturer: Hartmann


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Easy and secure this classic arm blood has no unnecessary functions and is very simple to use. It is sufficient to press three buttons to measure blood pressure and store the results. Reliable monitoring Tensoval Comfort uses the oscillometric method and it is ideal for regular monitoring of blood pressure at home. Summary of benefits: simple and safe blood pressure monitoring involving the technique of fuzzy logic device clinically valid, having obtained the quality label of the League against Hypertension display screen of large storage for two users Connection plug socket function for network device 3 years warranty

governing use:

position the cuff on the arm placed on the table. Connect it to the monitor. Turn on the monitor and wait the measurement.


Transport, batteries, camera, brassar with metal buckle pocket size L and M.