Hartmann Hydrofilm bandages 10cm x 15cm Transparent box of 10

transparent dressing for wounds even when showers protection.

Manufacturer: Hartmann

SKU: 4690361 Hartmann Hydrofilm dressings Transparent 10 cm x 15 cm box of 10


Dressings Hydrofilm is a hydrofilm polyurethane dressing. With his film transparent polyurethane it enables protection of wounds, also during showers.

This movie dressing is adhesive, steril, transparent and with an applicator back.

Moreover, it p ermet to the patient to shower even with the dressing. Indeed, it is resistant to water. It thus brings a p sterile rotection of exuding and uninfected wounds.

Hydrofilm dressing 10cmx15cm operating tips:

Apply dressing directly on the wound, even in the shower.


This dressing is available in 2 sizes: 10cmx15cm and 6cmx7cm.