Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption 4G 14 protections

Anatomical pads with adhesive for extra light leaking.

Manufacturer: Hartmann

SKU: 6630794 Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption light Extra 14 protections


Protection Trust Sensitive are anatomical protections of the Hartmann laboratory.

They are indicated for frequent use for light urinary leaks to medium.

They are ideal and discreet. Indeed, they neuralisent odors and thanks to their triple cushion they bring an effect keeps immediate dry.

In addition, materials used to reduce considerably the risk of allergic reactions.

The skin is also protected actively through the neutral pH which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and that the protégé of the aggressions of urine.

You are so protected all smoothly throughout the day without being embarrassed and discreetly. These protections give you maintenance and sweetness.

Tested under dermatological control and hypoallergenic.

Size: 335mm.


Light leaks to medium.

Operating tips

Unfold the protection, remove the adhesive and place the in the pants. Remember to change it regularly in the day.