Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption 3G 14 protections

anatomical protection for small to medium sized Urinary leakage.
Manufacturer: Hartmann


SKU 9922088 Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption light 14 protections


Hartmann laboratory offers the confidence Sensitive anatomical protections.

These antomiques protections are indicated for light urinary leaking medium.


  • comfort through the veil external micro-aerated ultra soft and supple to the touch and the elastic foam,

  • safety thanks to the triple cushion that captures the urine to the absorbing for an effect ultra zone keeps dry,

  • discretion because of the ultra absorbent that neutralize odors.

In addition, thanks to pH 5.5 neutral, the cushion protects the skin from the aggression of the urine and preserves its hydrolipidic film.

Bacterial proliferation is thus avoided.

Tested under dermatological control and hypoallergenic.

Size: 265 mm


Light urinary leaking to medium.

operating tips

Unfold the protection, place the in the slip. Remember to change it regularly during the day.

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