Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption 2G 14 protections

Protection intimate confidence of Hartmann, absorption average. Brings comfort and discretion.

Manufacturer: Hartmann

SKU: 6630860 Hartmann confidence Sensitive Absorption average 14 protections


Hartman offers a range of comfortable and discrete anatomical coverage in the event of loss or leaking.

External sail ultra soft, supple, hexagons and micro - respirant100% micro aerated, lets the skin breathe and offers maximum comfort

Immediate absorption thanks to the ultra absorbent sensors for effect keeps reinforced dry and a neutralization of odours.

Helps prevent irritation of the skin by preserving its natural pH.

Control of odours: superabsorbent specific preventing their appearance and active long term against odors.

Band of longitudinal attachment for a better softer maintienElastiques in the crotch that ensure perfect support and comfort.


Close protection, Urinary leakage.

Operating tips

Unfold the protection, drop the in the pants. Remember to change it regularly in the day.