Halita Tongue Cleaner

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participates in the elimination of the lingual coating for producing the principals of bad breath bacteria.

Manufacturer: Halita



SKU: 7379480 Halita Gratte language participates in the elimination of the lingual coating for producing bacteria of CVS (smelly volatile sulfur compounds) major contributors to bad breath. both sides, a profile adapted to the Central depression of the language, and the other in profile smooth to clean the sides, can easily perform the posterior part of the tongue cleaning, main reservoir for the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Random colour: blue, white, green.

do not forget:

Ensure good oral hygiene through classic brushing and interdental spaces rigorous brushing. Lingual hygiene is essential, this is why we recommend the daily use of the Halita tongue. Visits to control regular at the dentist are necessary. -drink plenty of water, especially between meals. Are some of the factors that can dry out the mouth and promote the emergence of bad breath: sleep (bad morning breath), breathe through your mouth, snore, smoking, certain medications (antidepressants, antihistamines, antihypertensives), stress, much speaking, intense exercise... -control the consumption of tobacco, coffee and alcohol. -reduce consumption of foods such as condiments , garlic, onion, etc. -Avoid long periods of fasting, in order to reduce the periods between meals. Visit regular at the dentist

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A. Anonymous
  the 23/01/2020
5/ 5
An essential item for oral hygiene. There is a notorious before and after this product. Can't recommend it enough!
A. Anonymous
  the 19/12/2016
4/ 5
As requested