Gynophilus LP 6 vaginal tablets

SKU: 4420074 Gynophilus Lp 6 Comprims Vaginaux


Composition combines probiotics present naturally in the vagina (Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Dderlein) and Prebiotics (nutrients), giving it a triple action:

  • contribute to the maintenance of the vaginal pH through the production of lactate by the Lactobacilli,
  • allow the formation of a barrier against pathogens,
  • help to create an enabling environment for a healthy vaginal flora with Prebiotics.

The Tablet dissolves inside the vagina and form a gel that releases way continues the amount of necessary Lactobacilli for 4 days: the result into the vagina a presence of nutrients and Lactobacilli, conducive to their good location and the regeneration of flora.

directions for use:

To regenerate the vaginal flora, 1 tablet every four days. Gynophilus LP can be used: relay of a local antifungal therapy or antibiotic, at the same time as oral treatment (usually antibiotic).

During use, drainage may occur a few hours after the introduction of the Tablet (the use of a panty liner is recommended).

Intercourse are possible 8 hours after administration of the tablet. Moisten the tablet in a little water for easier insertion.

Insert a tablet at the bottom of the vagina the night.


Per pill: Lactobacillus casei rhamnosus Dderlein (Lcr Regenerans 876,9 mg).


Box of 6 tablets.