Gynophilus LP 2 vaginal tablets

vaginal Tablet to regenerate and maintain the vaginal flora naturally.

Manufacturer: Besins

  • 2 or more: £5.30
SKU: 6278222 Gynophilus LP 2 vaginal tablets


GynOphilus Lp comes in tablet form. This vaginal tablets, extended-release, allows:

  • to regenerate the vaginal,

  • naturally maintain vaginal flora.

Thus, this vaginal Tablet relieves vaginal discomfort such as itching or irritation, reduces vaginal and limit the recurrence 4 days.

, Its composition associates of probiotic present naturally in the vagina and Prebiotics, nutrients, gives it a triple action:

  • maintenance of vaginal pH through the production of lactate,

  • creating a barrier against pathogens,

  • creation of an enabling environment for a healthy vaginal flora.

Your vaginal flora is protected effectively and lastingly.

Tips for using GynOphilus LP:

Moisten the tablet in a little water for easier insertion.

Insert a tablet at the bottom of the vagina the night.

Take 1 tablet every 4 days.


Do not swallow.

Do not keep out of reach of children.

To be preserved at a temperature below 25 C.