Gum wire dental door wire Easy Flossers ref 890

Dental hygiene, dental plaque, interdental spaces.
Manufacturer: Gum Butler


SKU 4507339 Wire dental door wire Easy Flossers ref 890

Dental Hygiene, dental plaque, interdental spaces.

GUM Easy Flossers is a heavy-duty dental floss. Ready to use. Dental floss waxed, minty and heavy-duty, crimped to the wire door in the form of V.

Slips easily between teeth. Removes soft dental plaque between teeth and below the gumline, inaccessible areas with a toothbrush. Contains a free practical travel case.

operating tips:
take approximately 45 cm of wire and wrap it around the majors, taking care to leave a few centimetres of wire in the centre.
tension the wire by pinching between the inch and the index.
gently slide the wire stretched between the teeth, up to the gumline.
then, taking the lead against the tooth, perform a vertical movement , of the gingiva to the tooth.

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