Gum toothpaste whiteness Original White ref 1745 75ml

Gives teeth to their natural whiteness while respecting your oral health.
Manufacturer: Gum Butler
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SKU 4399424 Toothpaste Gum whiteness Original White ref 1745


Brings back teeth to their natural whiteness, while respecting the oral health.


The natural whiteness of teeth is often altered with l ' age. but also by different external factors:


- the food some drinks - such as the the coffee or wine

-l 'origin of surface dark shades at the level of l' email.

cigarette. GUM Original White offers you the opportunity:-d "eliminate these stains gently.

" -

to prevent their recurrence through a formula. original without aggressive.

-to effectively maintain the result obtained after a professional bleaching.


Exclusive agent STAIN CLEAR :-fluoride of Sodium 1490ppm. Usage: In brushing after each meal or at least 2 times a day with a brush GUM soft or medium.