GUM toothbrush MicroTip Sensitive 15/100 th ref 475

toothbrushes GUM Micro Tip Extra soft compact ref: 475

Manufacturer: Gum

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SKU: 7579032 toothbrush Gum MicroTip Sensitive 15/100 th ref 475

indications: Brushes Teeth Gum Micro Tip Extra Soft Compact ref: 475 Specifically designed for brushing in sweetness. 70% extra to combat plaque strand.

Technological innovation MicroTip : the terminal portion of each strand of the 2 Central rows consists of 4-6 micro strands, or 70% of strands more than for a traditional brush.

The MicroTip process allows both gentle and effective brushing thanks to the density of the bristles.

A 'smart' interdental form: its form, thanks to its rounded edges, is designed to closely fit the dental arcade.

Dome Cup: 2 Central rows raised allow to effectively remove plaque dentaire. especially at the level of the gingivo-dental furrow.

Ergonomic handle: transparent with grip rubber, ensures a good grip and thus improves workability during brushing.

Neck long and slender: facilitates access to the molar level.

MicroTip Sensitive: teeth and sensitive gums. Its very flexible strands make a brush that is particularly well adapted to the teeth and sensitive gums.