Gum Proxabrush Classic Round door-brushes + 2 brushes ref 605

round brush door to use the interdental brushes.
Manufacturer: Gum Butler


SKU 6322928 gum Proxabrush Classic Round door-brushes + 2 brushes ref 605


The laboratory Gum Proxabrush Classic is a round door-brush plastic specially designed to use brushes Proxabrush Classic.

The door-brush handle associated with the interdental brushes effectively remove plaque. This allows complete daily brushing and perfect it.

2 brushes can be fixed at the same time on the Proxabrush Classic handle. In addition, its ergonomic handle provides a good grip.

Tips for using Gum Proxabrush Classic:

This portraits-brush handle is for use with brushes Proxabrush Classic of Gum.

Use the handle after each brushing between the teeth, the interdental spaces between the rings and dental appliances.


Product provided with handle: 1 brush 0.9 mm and 1 brush 1.7 mm

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