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Gum Ortho Gel 10ml

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SKU 9985606 gum Ortho Gel 10 ml


Orthodontic appliances often cause ulcers or oral lesions.

This is why the Gum laboratory developed Ortho Gel.

Ortho Ge l is specifically formulated for the treatment of this type of injury. It:

  • relieves not only immediate pain,

  • but also promotes the healing of lesions,

  • and reduced their number by controlling the inflammatory process and rehydrating the injured tissues.

Addition, this gel is alcohol-free, sugar-free and has a neutral salivary pH. Thus, it does not irritate does not sting and is safe if swallowed.

Tips for using Gum Ortho Gel:

Apply gel 2 to 3 times per day, or more if necessary, after meals, for a week or until symptoms disappear.

If the pain persists, the gel can be applied several times per day.

Do not eat or drink during the 30 minutes following the application.


Keep away from sources of heat and cold gel.

Keep out of reach of children.

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