Gum Hydral bath of mouth 300ml


SKU: 6301659 Gum Hydral bath of mouth 300ml


Hydral laboratory Gum is a bath of mouth which offers immediate and lasting relief dry mouth.

Indeed, thanks to its high viscosity, Hydral mouthwash forms a film on the surface of the oral tissues for more hydration and comfort.

In addition, it promotes the remineralization of enamel and tooth decay prevention.

Its sweet aroma to Spearmint is hypoallergenic.

It is specially designed for sensitive mouths thanks to its gentle formula that does not contain alcohol or parabens and or strong aroma.

Tips for using Gum Hydral bath of mouth:

Perform mouthwash with 15 ml of pure solution up to 5 times per day.


For adults and children age 7.

Keep out of reach of children.