Gum HaliControl toothpaste 75ml

Restores a breath pure and healthy
Manufacturer: Gum Butler
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SKU 9853000 gum HaliControl toothpaste 75 ml


GUM HaliControl restores a breath pure and healthy. Its system triple action fighting the source of odors, and allows you to regain control of your breath.

breath pure and healthy: captures and neutralizes compounds originally odors by limiting their volatilization.

immediate freshness: provides immediate and lasting fresh breath through advanced technology OptaCool.

life long Protection: eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath through the combined action of the CPC and OptaFresh technology

strengthens and protects enamel: promotes a greater remineralization with fluoride and Isomalt.


Brush your teeth twice a day for 3 min with toothpaste gel. Apply a DAB of gel on the language scratch. Lay out and carefully remove using the language scratch.

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