Gum brushes interdental Trav Ler 9 different sizes

SKU: 5354808 gum Trav-Ler brushes 9 different sizes


Specialist products for teeth, the Gum laboratory has developed many products suitable for the removal of dental plaque.

Gum Trav-ler is a brush that allows to effectively remove plaque.

It has many advantages:

  • allows it to clean the teeth even in areas difficult to access,

  • it allows brushing dental spaces efficiently,

  • it eliminates up to 25% extra plate as a filament nylon through her strands of triangular shape,

  • its strands are impregnated with Chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent, to maintain the clean brush between each use,

  • its flexible handle equipped with a slip and a coudable neck facilitates access to posterior teeth and allow practical use.

So, with Trav-Ler Gum, teeth and gums are clean. It allows complete brushing and appoter a healthier teeth.

Tips for using Gum Trav-Ler:

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth 2 times a day everyday for 2 minutes.

After brushing, take the brush adapted away from teeth where the dental unit and pass the brossete between the gaps.


This product contains:

  • brush Gum Trav-ler 0.6 mm purple
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 0.8 mm red
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 0.9 mm ORANGE
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 1.1 mm Green
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 1.2 mm purple
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 1.3 mm yellow
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 1.4 mm BORDEAUX
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 1.6 mm light blue
  • brush Gum Trav-ler 2.0 mm grey