Gum brushes interdental Trav Ler 0.6 mm ref 1312

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SKU: 5203417 Gum brushes interdental Trav-Ler 4 brushes 0.6 mm ref 1312


brush Trav-Ler can eliminate the plaque in depth, it reaches places inaccessible with a simple brush teeth. strands are impregnated with chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent of reference, to avoid the proliferation of bacteria for cleaner brushes between each use. the head of the brush head is moving at 90 for optimal oral hygiene.

Tips for using Gum brush head interdental Trav-Ler:

do not force into too narrow interdental spaces. Rinse the brush head after every use. It is advisable to change the brush head after a week of use.



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S. Christine
  the 14/02/2019
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