Green Mark Pro Tip tapered 25ml PEAR

SKU: 7124751 Mark Green Pro tipped PEAR tapered 25 ml

Mark Green Pro is the range specializing in devices and equipment medical.


Offers brand green tipped bulb tapered 25 ml for ear hygiene.

Use internal for optimal ENT hygiene.

operating brand green Pro PEAR to end tapered tips:

  • Compress completely PEAR using one hand.
  • Fill the bulb of the prescribed solution
  • Place the tip tapered in the ear and press the bulb gently in order to inject the solution.
  • Not to release pressure before having tapered.
  • Allow the liquid to drain

After use, clean the bulb with an antiseptic solution and rinse.


Do not use PEAR in case of perforation of the eardrum.