Green Mark Pro Digitensio wrist MAM

Digitensio wrist MAM is a high-tech for one taken of the blood pressure.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

SKU: 4888732 brand green Pro Digitensio wrist MAM

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Digitensio wrist MAM is an automatic blood pressure monitor for easy and fast the blood taking.

  • Fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor (model BP 3BQ1-3). Wristsize: 13.5 to 19.5 cm
  • arrhythmia Detection
  • Tour of wrist of 13.5 - 19.5 cm
  • easy to use
  • Date and time
  • tested clinically
  • with batteries and protective housing
  • 60 memories
  • operating instructions detailed in this box, read carefully before use and keep
  • 3 year warranty (except for batteries, according to General conditions, see instructions inside).

Digitensio wrist MAM operating tips:

To a better measure of blood pressure, it is recommended to use the monitor in a seated position. Do not smoke or drink coffee before.