Green Mark Pro Digitensio wrist blood pressure monitor BP 3BQ1-3

Automatic wrist monitor, Mark Green Pro Digitensio wrist.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

SKU: 4591400 brand green Pro Digitensio wrist blood pressure monitor BP 3BQ1-3

Mark Green Pro offers you a wrist sphygmomanometer high-tech: Digitensio wrist, for easy and fast the blood taking.


  • Fully automatic digital blood pressure monitor (model BP 3BQ1-3). Turn of wrist: 13.5 to 19.5 cm
  • arrhythmia Detection
  • Tour of wrist of 13.5 - 19.5 cm
  • easy to use
  • Date and time
  • tested clinically
  • with batteries and protective housing
  • 60 memories
  • operating instructions detailed in this box, read carefully before using

Digitensio wrist operating tips:

very easy to use: position the headband around your wrist and attach using the scratch.

  • Then press the "ON / OFF" button to turn on.
  • Then press the "START" button to start the measurement. The bracelet inflates and after a few seconds, the device gives the measures of arterial pressure and heart rate.
  • The unit switches off after 3 minutes or by pressing the "ON / OFF" button.


To take a voltage more accurately, it is advisable not to drink coffee and or do not smoke before. In addition, it is recommended to take its voltage while seated or lying because effort promotes the high blood pressure.