Green Mark Pro Digitensio Mam sphygmomanometer cuff

blood pressure cuff to measure blood pressure accurately.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

SKU: 4716936 brand green Pro Digitensio Mam sphygmomanometer cuff


Digitension cuff Mam is an automatic blood pressure cuff.

Mam (measuring blood medium) technology was created to meet international guidelines on the measurement of blood pressure. It is necessary to take three successive steps with short breaks between each measurement to know the exact pressure. Therefore, this blood pressure monitor systematically directed a series of three measures in intervals of 15 seconds.

Thus, this monitor gives accurate measurement of blood pressure.

Mark Green Digitension armband Mam operating tips:

Avoid eating, smoking as well as any form of exercise before taking your blood pressure. Remove any clothing clutching the top of your arm. Always measure on the same arm.

Insert the cuff and tighten. Switch on the appliance. Once reached inflation pressure, the pump stops and the pressure slowly falls. The cuff pressure is displayed during the measurement.

When the device has detected the poul, the heart symbol starts flashing on the display and a beep at each heartbeat.

When the measurement is completed, a long beep sounds. The measured values are then displayed.