Green Mark Pro Digitensio cuff BP 3BM1-3 p

Digitensio cuff is a blood pressure monitor automatic arm, high precison.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte



SKU: 4716913 brand green Pro Digitensio cuff BP 3BM1-3 p

Mark Green offers hardware high-tech medical. Blood pressure monitor cuff Digitensio gives accurate measurement of blood pressure monitors for monitoring on a daily basis of hypertension.


  • Model BP 3BM1-3 p
  • arrhythmia Detection
  • 2 X 30 memory
  • voltage and pulse measurement
  • inflating and deflating fully automatic
  • method of oscillometric measurement
  • precision

Digitensio cuff operating tips:

Insert the cuff hard upper left arm so that the tube points in the direction of the front arm (about 2-3 cm of the elbow).

  • Tighten the free end of the cuff securing the Velcro band.
  • Do not overtighten.
  • Press the button "O/I" to turn on.
  • Inflation starts, when measurement is completed a long beep sounds.


  • Avoid eating, exercise and wash you in 30 minutes before the voltage socket
  • sit quiet for at least 5 minutes before taking your blood pressure
  • do not take your voltage standing. Sit back and keep your arm at the level of the heart.
  • Do not talk or move while you are taking your pressure.
  • While the camera takes your blood pressure, avoid strong electromagnetic interference caused by the microwave and mobile phones.
  • Wait at least 3 minutes before resuming your pressure.
  • Try to take your blood pressure at the same time each day to get consistent results.
  • Identified measures are comparable only when they are taken on the same arm, in the same position and at the same time of the day.
  • This blood pressure monitor is not recommended for people suffering from arrhythmia severe.