Green Mark Pro Digital thermometer

digital thermometer for measuring temperature accurately rectal, axiliaire or buccal.

Manufacturer: Marque Verte

SKU: 4646584 brand green Pro Digital thermometer


Consisting of a large digital display screen, the trademark green laboratory digital thermometer allows accurate measurement of the rectal temperature, axiliaire or buccal.

after 10 minutes of non-use, it automatically shuts.

this digital thermometer is waterproof and has a battery changeable.

in addition, it keeps in memory the last measurement

operating brand green thermometer Digital tips:

Soak the thermometer probe in alcohol denatured for the disinfects. Do not fully immerse the thermometer.

Switch on the thermometer. The last measurement appears on the screen and then it enters the measurement mode. Position the thermometer in the appropriate position (mouth, rectal and underarm).

Turn off the thermometer after each use.

Turns off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.