Green Mark I preserve my comfort digestive 28 capsules

Food supplement base of lactic ferments, lemon balm and calcium.
Manufacturer: Marque Verte


SKU 5134254 I preserve my comfort digestive 28 capsules


Help your digestive comfort with a food supplement of Melissa contributing to the normal functioning of the intestine.Calcium allows a proper functioning of the digestive enzymes.

Lactic starters complete the formula.

I Preserve my digestive comfort operating tips:

1 transparent capsule in the morning outside the meal and 1 capsule green evening during the meal, with a glass of water (20 cl). Program 2 weeks, renew if necessary. please consult your pharmacist.


capsule day

1 capsule per day

Bifidobacterium lactis

3.109 UFC *

Lactobacillus plantarum

6,97.109 UFC *

capsule night (plants )

1 capsule per night

concentrated extract

of lemon balm leaves

120 mg equivalent

to 257 mg of plant


Including Calcium

400 mg

120 mg (15% RDA *)

* probiotic = lactic

* AJR: intake daily recommended

Net WT: 16 G

Precautions for use:

food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and may not be used as substitutes of a varied and balanced diet. Observe the instructions for use without exceeding the recommended daily dose. Reserved for adults. Is not suitable to the pregnant or nursing and people intolerant or allergic to any of the constituents. In the event of taking antibiotics, separate taking antibiotics and the day capsule or the capsule 3-hour night. Keep out of reach of children. Does not exempt from the usual medical treatments. Seek advice from your doctor or your pharmacist. Keep away from moisture, heat and light.