Green health Vitamin D3 Spray Kibidou 20ml + card game

spray Kidibou brings Vitamin D3 needed for good growth. game of 7 families offered.
Manufacturer: Santé Verte


SKU 6292558 health green Vitamin D3 Spray 20ml Kibidou

Green health laboratories were founded in 2005 to provide pharmacy and drugstore of natural solutions: food supplements and cosmetics herbal, vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Supplements for large and small developed by specialists for your well-being.


Vitamin D3 spray kibidou supports the growth of your children, especially during seasonal changes.

Of natural origin, the Vitamin D3 Kibidou is extracted from lanolin and provides 100% of the RDA in 2 sprays.

Vitamin D3 is beneficial to growth and bone development of children, its gourmet flavor Strawberry will make an ideal ally for the happiness of all children from 36 months.

Game of 7 families offered.

Tips for using Vitamin D3 Spray Kibidou:

Perform 2 sprays per day in the mouth.

A 20ml vial of vitamin D3 spray kibidou allows up to 2 months of use and provides 100% of recommended daily intakes applications.

Can be used from the age of 3.

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