Green health Silicon organic 500ml

The Silicon organic contributes to the good health of your skin and your joints.

Manufacturer: Santé Verte

SKU: 6056421

health green organic silicon


The Silicon is an indispensable element for your organization, everyone is born with a capital of Silicon which decreases with age. it helps keep beautiful skin, hair and nails strong and resistant. it is also essential to the maintenance of your bone capital stimulating collagen , occurs because with age the phenomenon of demineralisation bone. true regenerator, it is actively involved in preserving the natural defences and is a response to our growing needs.


take 30 ml per day is 2 plugs dose inhalers, the first 15 days. in maintenance phase take 15ml per day or 1 plug dispenser. it is advisable not to exceed the prescribed daily doses.


Silicon, horsetail.


Flask of 500 ml.