Granions Veinomix Gel 150ml

gel fresh and invigorating with essential oils for toning the legs and have small legs.
Manufacturer: Laboratoire des Granions


SKU 8100716 Granions Veinomix Gel 150 ml


Veinomix Gel is specially formulated for a fresh and tonic effect on the legs. It is a fresh and tonic gel indicated for toning the legs.

Indeed, its formula is composed of natural drainage properties and stimulating extracts: vine red, chestnut tree of India, Witch Hazel, small Holly. For a refreshing effect, Frost Associates also camphor and menthol.

Veinomix Gel brings at any time of the day a sense of invigorating freshness.

operating Veinomix Gel tips:

Daily use in massage 2 to 3 times per day.

Apply the gel on the surface without massaging.

Wait a few seconds. Then massage up ankles to thighs.

Rinse hands after any use.


Do not swallow.

Do not use in children under 3 years.

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