Granions Restor box of 60 capsules

Restor is a dietary supplement that helps you find good mood and morale to the beautiful fixed.
Manufacturer: Laboratoire des Granions
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SKU: 5437291 ReSTOR box of 60 capsules


Restor of the Laboratoires Granions is a food supplement, rich in Omega 3 EPA and DHA helps reduce fatigue and improves psychological functions.

Granions Restor composition:


it is present in almost all cells of the body. Its main action lies in maintaining the bone structure but it plays an important role in muscle relaxation and the transmission of nerve impulses. It will therefore help to fight against stress and muscle tension.


is a trace element that has remarkable and useful antioxidant properties. Indeed, it will combat the attack of free radicals on omega 3 and to maintain a good rate of omega 3 essential for our good mood.

of Omega-3

these are essential fatty acids which role in the right emotional balance is found. Their presence in Restor thus helps stimulate good mood.

operating tips:

take with a glass of water at the beginning e meals 2 capsules morning and night.