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Granions Restcalm 15 tablets

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SKU 5437374 Granions Restcalm 15 tablets


Restcalm of Granions laboratories helps the body to fight against stress and the pressures of daily life. Through its comprehensive formula Restcalm allows us to adapt and resistance to tension and their consequences. It helps reduce fatigue. with Restcalm, you will find shape and vitality.

Granions Restcalm Compotion:

the Lactium

milk protein hydrolysate. It contains a bio-peptide, the alphacasozepine, which gives it its properties.

the Eleutherococcus

it allows the body to adapt to the stresses of daily life.


it helps reduce fatigue, a consequence of the pressures of everyday life. Vitamin B6 strengthens the role of magnesium in reducing fatigue.

vitamin C

it is used for its action on fatigue.


it helps improve alertness, concentration, learning and memory.


it protects cells from oxidative stress


take 1 tablet Granions Restcalm per day with a large glass of water before breakfast, punctually or cure for 15 days. Program to renew if necessary.

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