Granions glucomannan 60 softgels

glucomannan laboratories Granions aims to curb the appetite and promotes satiety.
Manufacturer: Laboratoire des Granions
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SKU 5521094 Granions glucomannan 60 softgels


glucomannan is a dietary supplement of natural origin. It is an appetite reducer. It aims to sober second thought the appetite and promotes satiety.

this food supplement can be used in prevention and treatment of excess weight or obesity.

Granions glucomannan composition:

konjac naturally possess the power to inflate to the level of the stomach in the presence of water, thus forming a plant gel which allows to feel satiated sustainably and space meals that will be less rich. Caloric intake will decrease thereby loss of weight in a natural way.

operating tips:

take two or three capsules an hour before meals with 300 ml of water or tea without sugar.