GINKOR costs 150ml


SKU: 9669495 GINKOR costs 150 ml

Overview :-Relieves heavy and tired legs -Decreases the sensation of swelling of legs and ankles -Tones and provides an active feeling of freshness and lightness. Properties : at base of Ginkgo Biloba, traditionally used in the venous circulation, costs Ginkor Gel :< troubes br / >-improves microcirculation -invigorates and refreshes -non-fatty , does not stain operating tips : in case of sensation of heavy legs, tired legs due to :-a prolonged standing -a long walk -periods of high heat -overweight lead heaviness of the legs. apply Ginkor fee freeze at least morning and evening, 2 to 3 times during the day as soon as the sensation of heavy legs is done feel. place a DAB of Ginkor Gel costs on the leg. Massage lightly with small circular movement from the bottom to the top of the leg. this gel can be applied on the tights and compression stockings.