Gillette Series Gel skins sensitive 75ml

SKU: 9598341 gillette Series Gel skins sensitive 75ml

Properties: Gillette Series is slightly fragrant for sensitive skin

Test a comfort of amazing shaving with Gillette Series sensitive skin Shave Gel. Its formula triple protection involves three different lubricants to improve razor glide comfort and protect your skin from cuts, redness or tightness. Its Aloe Vera lightly scented formula ensures an incredibly soft and comfortable shave.

the shaving Gillette Series sensitive skin Gel is enriched with Aloe Vera, protective and soothing virtues.

comfort of gliding: agents emollients and lubricants high quality, glycerin and silica, moisturize to facilitate sliding of the Shaver, and thus enable you to achieve a smooth, comfortable shave . protection: its Triple Protection anti-friction formula leaves a coating that protects your skin.