Gilbert Cabinet rescue professional

emergency cabinet to heal all the wounds to work.
Manufacturer: Laboratoires Gilbert


SKU 6117370 Gilbert box backup professional


Gilbert laboratories offers the Cabinet of rescue professional. It is recommended to use as it contains the necessary to clean all injuries of employees in all sectors of activity.

Cabinet of relief Professional operating tips:

servicing, wash and disinfect hands.

in case of injury deep, dirty or bleeding profusely, bite or burn with blister formation, consult a physician.


  • Red, scissors

  • 1 pliers tweezers,

  • 1 pair of vinyl gloves, protective glove,

  • safety, 5 pins

  • 10 pads of gauze 100% cotton for cleaning and recovery of wounds,

  • 10 dressings classics format 19x72mm for the protection of minor injuries on a daily basis,

  • 10 dressings classics format 25x72mm for the protection of minor injuries on a daily basis,

  • 3 dressings bulbs format 34x54mm to prevent bulbs and promote healing,

  • 3 dressings bulbs format 20x65mm,

  • 5 band extensible format 3mx7cm to fix and maintain compresses and dressings,

  • 3 roll of tape woven scored format 5mx1.25cm,

  • 4 bag 5 sutures surgical format 75x3mm

  • 2 dressing absorbing sterile format 20x20cm ,

  • 1 spray chlorhexidine 100 ml

  • 1 vial of alcohol PHY 70 of 125 ml,

  • 1 case of 6 single doses of 5 ml of physiological serum Physiodose,

  • 1 sachet of 20 g of cotton,

  • 1 box of 12 packs of PTFE,

  • 1 cover of survival,

  • 1 bottle of alcohol Mint 30 ml,

  • 1 tube of arnica 30 ml gel


A store away from light and moisture.

keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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