Gienger Proseptine Solution non-stick 125ml

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Proseptine is a non-stick solution that facilitates the takeoff of dressings without pain.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 9659048 Proseptine Solution Gienger nonstick 125ml


proseptine laboratories Gienger is a Solution Anti-Adhsive for external use. Very countertop to remove adhesive bandages without pulling the skin. Proseptine also allows to erase the traces of glues as well as traces of oil through its assets degreasing and solvent products. Distilled orange-based, this solution eliminates all traces of adhesive on the skin and prepares it for a new application.

Proseptine Solution Anti-adhesive operating tips:

pour the solution on a compress, lift the edge of the dressing and gently apply the compress without touching the wound. Then continue to gently lift the tape.


D-limonene, hexyldecanol, BHT, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent, excipients qsp 100%.



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Tres bien
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Très bien, conforme à mes attentes, je recommande
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  the 19/08/2015
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conforme à mon attente
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  the 28/04/2015
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je m'en sers pour un tas de choses, surtout pour décoller les étiquettes sur de la vaissellle plastique sans l'abîmer!