Gienger Physiologica sea nose 50ml water Solution

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nasal spray for the decongestion of the nose stuffy.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 4133005 Gienger Physiologica sea nose 50 ml water Solution


solution of seawater spray used for decongestion and the nose clogged ditches. nasal washing Thanks to the hypertonicity due to the concentration of sodium chloride, This nasal spray of sea water promotes a decongestion when stuffy nose (congestion, swelling of mucous membranes or sinuses, rhino-sinusitis, rhinitis, hypersecretions). This solution is also recommended in all cases where the use of certain drugs has led a drying of the mucous membranes.

Physilogica sea water Solution operating tips:

Make 1 to 2 sprays into each nostril 2-3 times per day. This hypertonic solution can be used in infants, children and adults.


  • Remove the protective cap from the tip of the spray.
  • Gently insert the tip into the nostril, tilt the head slightly forward.
  • Press briefly (1 to 2 sprays).
  • Repeat in the other nostril.
  • Let drip phlegm, wipe your nose with a tissue clean.


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L. Eric
  the 13/06/2014
4/ 5
efficace et non onéreux à l'usage