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Gienger Physiologica fly-baby by suction

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SKU 4483604 Gienger Physiologica fly-baby by suction


in case of nose is clogged or is cluttered, your child breathing becomes very difficult. before 6 months of age, babies do not know repirer by mouth. These difficulties to breathe can result in disorders of sleep and food. The Fly baby Physiologica helps unclog the nose of your child. 3 Tips offered single-use a filter to the inside of each tip retains phlegm when vacuuming.

operating instructions of Gienger Physiologica fly-baby aspiration:

Insert a bit new in fly-baby, lay your baby on her back, clean in advance his nose with a dose of saline. Place the nozzle against the nostril and strive with your mouth gently. Discard the tip after use.

compatible with disposable tips for fly baby of Physiologica.

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