Gienger Liniment Oleo-limestone in Doses 20 doses of 10ml

20 doses of liniment to extra virgin olive oil, for baby hygiene.
Manufacturer: Gifrer


SKU 5445534 Gienger Liniment Oleo-limestone in Doses 20 doses of 10 ml


liniment oleo-limestone is a natural product which is used to clean the baby seat and protect it from attacks. The oleo-limestone liniment is an olive oil-based solution which can also be used for the whole body, in case of dry skin or even in the case of eczema.

this solution can be used to moisturize the skin, ideal for fragile skin, dry or irritated. A few drops of this oil-limestone liniment in the bath can moisturize the skin during the bath. doses, it is easy to take it everywhere.

Gienger Liniment Oleo-limestone in Doses operating tips:

liniment Gienger do f not aluminum and its formula actually stabilized the oleo-limestone liniment of reference in terms of quality on the market. it is used for the hygiene of the seat and the baby's body.

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