Gienger Liniment Oleo-lime 100ml

liniment limestone oleo Gienger, travel, ideal for baby Exchange size.

Manufacturer: Gifrer

SKU: 4861029 Gienger Liniment Oleo-lime 100ml


The Gienger laboratory offers the Liniment oil-lime stabilized in travel 100 ml size. It is ideal for baby Exchange and will follow you throughout your travels and find its place in your suitcase for motherhood.

Liniment oleo-limestone is designed for the protection of infants against diaper rash skin. This irritation is due to prolonged contact with the saddle or urine. There is no preservative or perfume, avoiding the risk of allergy. Its formula is composed of natural elements, namely olive oil and Calcium hydroxide solution. These key assets involved regeneration and protection of the fragile skin of babies.

indications Gienger Liniment Oleo-limestone:

This product allows both clean daily baby's bottom and the protect filing a protective film against acid urine deposits.

operating tips:

Shake well before use. This product can be applied directly or using a cotton on the skin rash. For best results, treat consistently all the skin rash.